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Operator Services

Increase your business revenue by offering amusement games, music and ATMs

Coin-operated entertainment machines are a great source of extra revenue for many locations. Coin-ops increase traffic, generate great repeat business, and keep people in your venue far longer. Coin-ops also give people who arrive alone a chance to do something as they sip their drinks. Anything that gives your customers added entertainment is a good option, especially if it will bring you higher profits.

Why C&L Games?

C&L is under new ownership and has combined industry experience of over 60 years! They are making investments in new equipment for right locations along with providing excellent, HONEST and expedited service to their clients.

How it Works

C&L owns, maintains and repairs ALL of their equipment, so no hassle for you. C&L does all the heavy lifting and will provide professional and efficient installation. At collection time, you receive CASH!

Types of Equipment

Pool Tables

Steady and popular revenue generators

Big Buck Hunter

Online Gaming with tournament play and connection to other players across the US

Golden Tee

Golf and Sports Fans Favorite!

Skee Ball

Growing quickly in popularity and becoming a top attraction

Bar Tops

Loaded with hundreds of games, these tabletop touchscreen videos provide entertainment

Dart Boards

Coin-operated dart systems not only keep score for your patrons, but they also bring in a new source of revenue. It still pays to set aside an area for a dartboard

Cabinet Video Games

In addition to games we have in stock, try the new retro 60in1. One single stand-up video cabinet loaded with 60 retro games including: pac man, dig-dug, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and many more!

Novelty Games

Win every time novelty games such as, Sports arena, candy cranes, or prize cranes.