Would your establishment benefit from offering your patrons an ATM service?

  • Do you offer pull tabs or other gaming?
  • Are you a cash only industry?
  • Are there cash tips?
  • Would your ATM be the only one within walking distance of your location?
  • Have customers asked you where the nearest ATM location is?
  • Do business in your industry commonly have an ATM at their location?
  • Are you in a walkable neighborhood with lots of boutiques, restaurants, etc?
  • Are your customers frequently paying with a debit card and getting cash back?
  • Are you coordinating a temporary event such as: farmers market, fair, festival, etc.?

C&L Games ATM program is simple and is offered at Zero cost to you!
Benefits of offering your customers an ATM

  • Expert installation and hassle free maintenance
  •    Reduce your card fees by generating more cash sales