Monthly Archive January 22, 2018

Important maintenance for your pinball or video game

Did you know that pinball machines and arcade games take regular household batteries? Most people do not, but it is one of the most common and easily avoided reasons for malfunctioning pinball machines. Circuit boards are the ‘brain’ of the game and must be inspected every few months or so.

These circuit boards take batteries and as we all know batteries do not last forever.  Often times batteries corrode over time from not being replaced and depending on how long the corrosion was not noticed can cause much more extensive board damage.  Luckily if you find yourself posed with this situation it is almost


always completely fixable.  C&L Games has expert technicians and all the proper board working and testing equipment to fix this problem quickly and correctly.  A new battery holder can be installed on your board within an hour or so depending on the game. Although, the best solution is prevention and a handy tip is to remember, when you change the batteries in your smoke alarms also change them in your game.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your machines. By maintaining a machine regularly, you can mitigate breakdowns before they become a cost-prohibitive expense. “Shopping” a pinball should be done every couple of years depending on the amount of play and location of the game. C&L Games can usually shop a pinball machine in half a day depending on the game.  Keeping up on bulbs, sockets, broken wires, switches, flipper rebuilds, rubbers and cleanliness of the play field will help ensure the longevity of your machine. Read more about ‘shopping’ a pinball in our blog.

Maintenance for your arcade games and pinball machines is essential for their long-term life. Let C&L Game’s experienced technicians help you keep your machines pristine for years to come. Get in touch with one of our service techs today for information on repairs and maintenance for your equipment.